Saturday, August 11, 2012

Endless Summer?

Yes, sometimes it feels that endless summer!  Although I'm sure our kids would not agree, this summer has been very long and Andrew and I look forward to September when things slow down a bit here on the Island!  We have had a fabulous summer very full of epic trips to the interior, deep times of connecting in the Word during Bible studies, meaningful connections with individual young adults and great times as family.  We are so blessed to continue settling in as a family here in Avalon, as well as expanding and morphing the ministry into something that will meet the needs of this unique place on the planet!  We have found ourselves challenged in our methods and meeting places, but God has grown us and caused us to be ever dependent on Him - which is exactly where we want to be.

Most recently we have enjoyed, and continue to enjoy, company from "overtown".  We had friends from Florida come to encourage and work with us, friends from Newport Beach area come to bless and encourage us and family come to visit!  We love it!  Thanks to all who actually made the effort to come out here - you are a blessing and we are so happy that you came to share your lives with us!

Please pray with us over a few things:
1.  Andrew's "Wildmen West" men's group that is meeting every Monday night has hit a little roadblock.  The place they were meeting has decided to charge $75 per week to continue meeting there!  That is not an option for us, so please pray that God provides another place for them.  We have less than 2 weeks to find another meeting place, so thanks be to God, Who will provide very soon for this need!  Thanks to His people for praying.

2.  Our children start school in 3 weeks!  Please pray for them to stand firm in their faith and to be lights in a VERY dark school here in Avalon.  It's a tough environment and we are blessed to have the opportunity to continue to walk this road with them - but it's not easy, so thank you for praying!

Some of you have asked what is going on with our oldest son, Alex.  He has decided to stay in St. Augustine, Fl. after his internship with Christian Surfers comes to a close.  He has a good job and is very involved in his church, River Oaks Community Church.  He has a vibrant ministry of his own there in the community of surfers and skaters in St. Augustine and is discipling several young men as well as growing himself.  We are thankful God is using him in this way, and although we miss him very much, we want God's best for him!  Thanks for your prayers for him as well!

As we close this blog post I want to challenge you with one simple phrase that I am basking in in AWE of Him.  That's all, just notice Him and be in awe.  It will change you.