Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas and THANK YOU!

We have had such an amazing couple of weeks.  God has blown our minds with blessings through many of you!!  First of all, we had a "send-off" evening at Pathways a couple weeks ago - a very special time of people sharing in song and testimony of how God has used us in their lives through our 11 years of ministry at Pathways.  It was just so incredible to hear the encouraging testimonies from dear friends and former youth ministry students (all grown-up, I might add!).  We left that evening feeling so loved and blessed.  It was also a special time because Andrew was able to "officially" pass the baton (or goat as it was) over to the new Youth Pastor, Tim.  What a cool picture as he handed that live goat - a visual reminder of passing on the role as shepherd - into Tim's arms!  A few days after that enchanted evening, Veritas Academy blessed us with another "send-off".  The school that we have been a part of for the past 6 years showed such great appreciation to us!  Many families, including the awesome staff, gave a total of over $2,300 to our ministry!  We were shocked and honored.  As we have been so incredibly blessed, we truly thank the Father for His grace in our lives in allowing us to serve among amazing people these last several years.  He is so gracious and we are undeserving of His kindness.  Thank you all who continue to bless us with your financial support as well as emotional and prayer support!  We are humbled and honored that God has used us and is continuing the work!  As far as an update:  we are continuing to pack our belongings to get ready to put it all on a UHaul truck on Jan.1!  It's a long, tedious process as we sift through what goes and what stays.  Things are progressing and we pray we can get it all done and still try to have time to enjoy the Christmas season!  It's a huge challenge and we thank you for your prayers - Merry Christmas!