Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Three

Dear Friends & Family,

Welcome to a long overdue update on the Hobbs Family!  To those of you who enjoy getting regular updates, I apologize for the delay.  So, obviously, there is much to tell...we will start with ministry:

The "Wildmen West" have been going and growing strong since beginning a year ago.  They most recently studied the book Resolutions For Men, a book that outlines in great detail how to be a man of integrity in every area of life and deals with real issues that men deal with.  It has been a powerful tool that God has used in the lives of many men as several have personally reached-out to Andrew for help, prayer and accountability.  We are so grateful as we watch God work in the lives of men on this island where addiction and apathy often rule people's lives.

Shelli has recently wrapped-up a small-group study that was meeting on Monday nights.  The four ladies who attended were a unique group in that they were all single!  It was so cool to watch God come to them in places where they have felt pain and rejection and confusion.  Each lady was blessed to come to a new understanding of the way God pursues our hearts and loves us UNCONDITIONALLY!  The great news is that they are continuing to meet together, as they have decided it is a healthy option for them to continue to grow together in their pursuit of God.

We are going strong with Young Adult ministry, which is always more busy in the summer!  We have regular activities lined-up every Wednesday night that include dinner at our house, movie nights, game nights, comedy nights, trips to Shark Harbor for sunset & campfire, etc.  It's been great to have many that do not claim to know Jesus, but like what we have to offer and love being around our family.  Some even have kids, whom we always welcome.  Last week, when we were back from our Shark trip and all getting out of the van, one of the little girls said "can we please pray before we leave."  It was refreshing everyone and we promptly held hands and prayed together!  Speaking of young adults, we presently have 3 living in our home with us.  They are great guys, and it's been challenging and a blessing to have them.  We have one more who has requested to stay with us, at least temporarily, starting middle of June.  We presently have a great set-up where we are living so all of us "Hobbs" live upstairs, and the boys live downstairs.  So please continue to pray for us as this ministry has come very close to home :)

As far as family goes, all is well.  The kids have 2 more weeks of school.  They have all had a great year, and have faced challenges in some new areas.  They have done great in their respective sports and all maintained straight A's the entire year.  We are all looking forward to the end of this week, when Alex comes to the island for a 3 week visit!  We are doing a 3-day hike from one end of the island to the other next weekend and have a camping trip to the back-side planned for Father's Day weekend.  We love our family time together and look forward to having our oldest join us for a little while!

Mother's Day 2013
Harrison is adjusting well to island life!  Eating them was almost as fun as catching them.
Thank you again for all of your faithful prayers and support!  We hope you will always feel free to contact us through our email with any prayer requests.  God Bless your summer!!