Saturday, November 5, 2011

Blessing upon Blessing

In case you haven't heard...WE GOT A GOLF CART!! I want to repeat here the exact article in our local Avalon newspaper so you get the story from a different perspective than just mine...

"It's amazing what can happen when people come together for a cause.  Cities can be built, wars started, laws passed...or in some cases, golf carts built.  This was the case when a small group of people got together about 2 months ago and decided to start something crazy; something that was going to take time, labor, support from the community, and a lot of help from God.  You see, when God wants something to happen, it gets done, and that is exactly what happened.  What started with a few people sitting down and throwing around ideas about blessing a family in town with a golf cart spread into a project greater than what was ever thought possible.  Countless amounts of people donated their time, labor, and finances to make it possible.  Parts were graciously donated by both Catalina Yamaha and Buffalo Motors, the enclosure was generously made by Sal Vega, and an anonymous donor re-painted the body at no cost, and numerous amounts of people from the community stepped in to video the process, create a brush guard, clean and sand the body, and even cook the laborers dinner!  This project, code named "Operation Mobility" in order to help keep it under wraps, was all done for a family who recently moved to the Island from Florida, after feeling God calling them to minister here.  It has been such a blessing having them here, and being able to bless them in return was an amazing and encouraging opportunity.  It was also a chance for people not only to hear about God's love, but see it in action.  The secret operation was an opportunity to bless a family in need, who before this had no means of transportation and a family of 6 to try and get around, as well as to show people that God's love is real and tangible.  42 days ago this project started, with a beat up limo-style Yamaha golf cart, a community of caring people, and a God Who can make all things possible.  On October 6, 2011, after what seemed to be a normal church service, the Hobbs Family was blind-sighted by the presentation of a completely custom, hand-built, picture of God's provision.  They now not only had a vehicle, they had an idea of just how much they mean to this Island.  So, to the entire Hobbs Family, congratulations on your new vehicle!  And to everyone who made this project possible, we appreciate you so much for your help.  God bless you all and your kind hearts!  I John 3:18 says, "Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth." The past 42 days, this small island community has come together and accomplished this.  I know that if the Hobbs were being interviewed for this article, there would be no better way to end it than to simply say, "All glory to God."

So there you have's a beautiful thing when people give and it's very humbling to be on the receiving end of such a project!  Thank you Avalon!!  Thank you to all of our amazing friends both here, in Florida, and all over the world who love us and support us in so many ways!!  May God bless you one hundred fold!!