Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer is Here!

Summer is officially here with the events of Memorial Day kicking it off.  We are putting on our seat belts for the ride!  Many of our college students have begun to arrive home to the island and we have a full schedule of connecting and outreach opportunities for them.

Andrew just returned a couple weeks ago from a Wild at Heart Boot Camp.  He was able to take 4 other guys with him and it was awesome!  From this he is starting a new men's ministry on the island!  We would love for you to pray with us for this..."Wildmen West".  Here in Avalon there are several women's Bible studies that meet at church and in homes, as well as a yearly women's retreat.  However, presently there is nothing going on for men.  Attempts have been made in the past, but nothing has "stuck".  So we are asking the Lord to bring the men, to disciple the men, to heal the men of this Island!  The process began out at "boot camp", so please pray for it to continue!

As far as personal news from our family, we have had a busy and eventful month!  Right after Andrew's return from boot camp, we celebrated with Maddi as she walked down the "red carpet" for Avalon's own Prom Walk.  It is a unique event that has been a tradition in Avalon for decades.  The kids going to prom get to promenade down Catalina Ave. all the way to the end of the green pier on a red carpet.  It's very exciting and the whole town attends the event!  After walking down the pier there are many, many pictures taken and then the students walk to their prom venue.  Are you thinking what I was thinking?  "I hope those girls are wearing comfortable shoes!"  Anyway, Maddi was asked by Tommy, and they had a blast.

    Harrison has to get in there and make sure Tommy knows who's boss :)
The "after prom" party was held at the arcade.  So glad the dress clothes didn't hamper this couple's fun!

Other news in our family...Andrew is starting a new position as a driver and tour guide for the Catalina Island Conservancy Jeep Eco Tour.  Any of you that know him very well, know this is right up his alley!  He will work the same days that he was working at the Zipline, but will stay at the zipline one morning a week to continue to have a touch there.  We are excited about this new transition, and would appreciate your prayers as always!!
Have a blessed June...and feel free to contact us with prayer requests!