Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Wow...time's already been 2 weeks since I last posted a blog update!  So let's see...where should I begin?  I suppose one big thing on our minds right now is "where?"...where are we going to live?  We have looked at several places, just asking God to speak clearly where HE wants us to land.  I would say the biggest lesson these past 3 weeks is patience!  We are so graciously cared for and comfortable where we are living, but we know we need to get into our own space so we can have our kitties with us and our "stuff" out of storage and begin to settle into life and ministry.  We appreciate your prayers for clarity and provision!

Speaking of ministry...God continues to open doors as Andrew builds relationships with several young adult guys from a nearby camp.  These guys work at Campus-By-The-Sea, a camp accessible only by boat or hiking.  They seem thrilled to have someone whom God has called to the island specifically for THEM!  Many young adults, even in Avalon in fact, are amazed at this - it's very exciting.  So keep them in your prayers as we seek open doors to speak into their lives, that God would provide opportunity and that we would have wisdom.

Also, I (Shelli) have begun to do a Bible study one night a week with a young woman and the first couple nights were amazing - God showed-up in such a big way and is revealing Himself to this precious girl in new and wonderful ways.

The children continue to do well.  Alex had a special week as one of his close friends, Paul, came out and stayed with us.  Paul is part of the missions team for Christian Surfers and is a blessing to Alex and to our entire family.  He was exposed first hand to the work here and served where he could and encouraged us a whole lot - thank you Paul, we hope you can come again soon!

Thank you again, friends, for your continued prayers - we feel they are upholding us and are excited and hopeful as we watch things unfold before our eyes!  I sometimes wonder at how God works...He's called us to minister to the people of Catalina Island and yet, I think so much of the ministry is in our own hearts as we wait and watch and pray.  "May Your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in You." (Ps. 33:22)  We pray this for you too!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Wow!  Time is flying and it's hard to believe we have been here over 3 weeks now.  We are adjusting and doing well.  One of the cool things about our life right now is living in community with another family.  About a year ago, I seriously considered what it would be like to live in community - that is to have 2 or more families living together in the same household.  I wasn't sure at the time why God had laid it on my heart to consider the idea, but I did - for months I couldn't get it off my mind.  I asked Him several times if He was asking us to look for a way to live this way.  I felt, instead, that He was saying expect to live this way at some point - just consider it for now.  I marvel as I realize that the Lord was gently preparing me for where we are right now!  Back then we had NO idea we would be here, or anywhere other than our home on Pine Street in Clearwater!  Isn't it amazing the way He leads those who desire His will in their lives - and so many times we aren't sure why He is saying something or even what exactly He is trying to tell us.  But as time passes, what a blessing it is to be able to look back and realize "Aha, so this is what that was about, Lord!"

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we seek to know exactly where it is God is placing us in various ministries here on the Island.  We are realizing that there are a thousand things we could be involved in, and although it is very hard to wait, we want to be sure to plug-in exactly where HE wants us!  We have our mission to work with young adults and to go out to camps and coves - and we want to stick by that, but to be strategic in how that happens can be tricky.  So we thank you for your prayers!

We also want you to know a couple of cool things...
Alex continues to minister to the "local boys" through the skate park - only they have followed him back to the church and are now hanging-out here too!  They stayed for church last Thursday night and one of them actually came to the service on Sunday - AMAZING!!  Alex and Andrew were able to meet with the City Manager yesterday to continue plans for a new skatepark.
Andrew had his first "young adult" living in Avalon call him last week to go paddlesurfing!  It was a great connection - his name is Scotty - and Andrew looks forward to continuing that relationship.
I (Shelli) started working with a woman in town helping her with in-home care (cleaning, cooking and such) as she is handicapped and needy.  She is a lovely person, although an unbeliever, so we are thankful for this opportunity!

Gotta go make dinner...blessings to you all from the Hobbs! :)