Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Climb's Hard, but the View's Worth It

Looking up, I was filled with wonder and curiosity, looking down I was filled with fear and anxiety.  Nearly every step I took, rocks shifted and tumbled down the mountain behind me.  I had to grip tightly the larger rocks and trees that I knew were firmly rooted and literally pull myself upward.  Should I keep going?  Is this worth it?  I stopped to contemplate and assess.  I felt a beckoning to keep going - even though there was absolutely no trail in sight and the ground I was on was falling apart beneath my feet, I knew that if I went this far and didn't reach the top, I would think back and be disappointed.   It wasn't long before I began to hear voices ahead of me.  I looked hard, but could not see anyone.  "If someone is ahead of me, maybe there is a trail up there and I must be close", I thought.  I yelled out and those ahead called down to assure me that I could make it, just keep going.  Where was the trail, though?  "Just keep going." I heard in my heart, "it will be worth it."  But how will I get there?  What if this shifting ground doesn't hold me?  How will I get down?  So many questions, so much unknown...

I feared that day to climb that mountain.  Honestly, I started up it having NO idea what I was getting myself into.  I had no idea the difficulty, the shifting terrain, the danger.  I cried and worried.  But I kept going.  And I made it to the glorious top!  It's no surprise the correlation between this incredible experience and the mission our family is embarking on.

How many times do I think to myself, "What are we doing? Is this worth it? Will we be ok?"  Sometimes I'm quite sure we have NO idea what we're getting ourselves into.  But I think In His wisdom, God has designed life like that.  Do I think I would have even attempted that hike knowing how hard it would be?  I know I would not have.  And yet, He beckoned, He sent those ahead to encourage me along the way, and He rewarded me with one of the most incredible views I have ever seen in my life - Mt. Princeton in all of it's autumn glory!

God is faithful and trustworthy!  After that hike, I feel my vision has been expanded.  God has called down to us from the heights, beckoning us to "come," just like those voices I heard ahead of me, assuring me this can be done.  I may slip and slide a bit along the way and there will be "rocks" I thought were sure footing, but will tumble out from beneath my feet.  However, just as I did on the way up the mountain, may I (and may YOU) grip tightly the deeply-rooted Rock, the strong Tree of Life and may we take heart in the encouragement of those who have gone before us to say "this can be done!"

"Light, space, zest - that's God!  So, with Him on my side I'm fearless, afraid of no one and nothing." Psalm 27:1 (Message)

-written by Shelli Hobbs
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