Monday, May 7, 2012

The Action Comes to Us!

The Hobbs Family has SUCH a wonderful time on our recent trip to FL!  We spent most of our time with family, which was such a blessing.  One of the major highlights of our week was Thursday night's picnic at Largo Central many of our sweet friends stopped by to share a few minutes or a few hours.  It was incredible to see how kids have grown-up and adults look the same!  But no one is really the same - life has thrown some curve balls filled with heartache as well as brought blessings beyond measure - it was just so good to hear your stories and once again be acquainted with your lives.  We miss you all dearly!

We returned to Avalon to find windy, cold weather the first week back.  Kind of a relief after the heat of FL!  But this week has been sunny and beautiful - perfect weather for this weekend's mass of humanity that visited our Island!  We had the Film Festival, Rugby Tournament, and Longboard Classic - alot going-on for one weekend!  The highlight for us was of course the Catalina Classic longboard downhill race.  Skaters started at the top of our very long, curvy road that goes up the mountain above the harbor.  The racers' last turn was the turn right in front of our house aka "coffin corner" (difficult turn AND in front of the pet cemetary)!  So we basically had the entire town up at our place Sunday - it was very exciting.  Andrew, being the evangelist that he is, got up at 6am, brought speakers outside and blarred christian music.  He also set-up a "for skaters only" station giving out christian surf movies and Bibles!  16 movies were taken and all of the New Testament Bibles.  We also got a chance to talk to many of the skaters and event coordinators as they were setting-up for the event Sunday morning.  It was very cool.  Andrew decided it would be silly to hold the Youth Service down on the flat streets in the church buiding with all this action, so we invited all the youth up to our house for a short devotional and a cookout.  Below are a couple of pictures...Andrew has more posted on FB if you're interested!

All the action came to us this weekend!!  Thank you, Lord for the chance to reach the lost :)