Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day From Catalina Island!

Hello Everyone!  We are excited today to celebrate, along with the rest of this town, our country's freedom.  This holiday is, by far, the most celebrated event all year here in Avalon - bigger even than Christmas!  Everyone decorates - houses, golf-carts, vehicles, businesses, boats and themselves.  There is a parade with the USC band and cheerleaders leading the pack.  This town is supercharged today!  We hope you have as much fun as we will have!

As far as news from the Hobbs...there is so much to report!  God is continuing to bless this ministry beyond measure.  I (Shelli) continue to meet with a small group of women once a week.  Most recently we have been sharing our "stories" with each other and it's been incredible.  Some of these ladies have NEVER shared their story with anyone.  What an incredible gift for them to be known and loved in this way.  To have the freedom to share whatever God lays on their heart and not hold back or "edit" anything - and then to be fully embraced, loved and prayed over afterwards - has proved to be very powerful in the lives of each of us in the group.  We are planning next to do the study "Breaking Free" by Beth Moore.

Andrew has recently begun a new men's ministry on the island.  As you may know, he took a group of 5 guys to Colorado for a Wild at Heart bootcamp a couple months ago.  These guys came back changed and on fire to spread the news of freedom to others on the island.  Out of that has birthed "Wildmen West".  God graciously provided a place apart from church - a neutral gathering place - where men from all walks of life, who may or may not be associated with the church, can feel comfortable to gather for something just for them.  It has been 3 awesome weeks and more men are coming each week!  News is spreading and excitement is building.  The church is in full support of this effort and it has been so cool to see men from the community who wouldn't think of attending a Sunday service, come to this Monday night gathering.  Thank you, Jesus for your provision and blessing!

As far as our ongoing ministry of young adults all over Catalina, we are continuing to do weekly Bible study in our home as well as a weekly "girls night" at our house where we cook and have time to fellowship like only girls can.  Additionally we have continued trips to Two Harbors for gatherings and will put on "Soul Surfer" this Sunday at the outdoor beach theater.  They have reported there will be huge numbers in town that day, so we are super stoked about the impact this outreach could have!  Please pray, pray, pray!!

We love you guys and thanks again for reading and following with us on this journey! :)