Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On Our Way!!

Well, it was a difficult morning of tearful goodbyes...or "see ya soons" as we preferred to say.  Leaving our house of 12 years, the only house the kids remember, was hard.  More than anything, though, leaving our loved-ones was very hard.  We had our family and a few close friends help us load the last minute things and close-up the truck and trailer.  We had an awesome time of prayer and then we hit the road!  Our first "crisis" happened about 2 hours into the trip when Frank (one of our three cats with us!) pooped in his cage and we couldn't handle the smell, so we had to make our first stop.  We pulled off in Ocala, washed-out the cage and cleaned-up the cat.  We made peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and filled-up our gas tank.  The traffic was bumper-to-bumper and we heard that since we had pulled-off the road, there had been 4 accidents between Ocala and Gainsville.  We immediately gave thanks to the Lord for the timing on Frank's poop!  Ha, Ha!  Could God have used that incident (as smelly as it was) to keep us from an accident?  He sure does move in "mysterious ways"!  One more cool thing...we had to stop at the Agricultural Department up here near Tallahassee and they made us pull over to check the U-Haul truck.  Of course, Andrew had the chance to share about our mission and where we're headed and the officer was stunned.  He gave Andrew a big hug and some incredibly encouraging words - he was a believer and his encouragement came at a very crucial time as Andrew was feeling particularly lonely, missing his family.  So, again, God sent a little blessing our way as to say "keep going guys, you're following Me, keep your heads up".  God says to "count the cost" when we choose to follow Him - every day we are doing this and yet there are believers around the world that are losing much more, including their lives, are we willing?  Thank you for your prayers, we love you guys!!